Many consumers are interested in “greening” their new custom kitchen or kitchen redesign project. A good first step is always choosing a green builder in Maine, but you also need to know what materials are on the market. If you think “going green” in the kitchen begins and ends with Energy Star rated appliances, think again. There are several green material options from floor to ceiling and in between. Here are the top five eco countertop choices on the market right now.

  1. Recycled Glass – This type of eco countertop is the most similar to the ever-popular high end granite choice that you see in many custom homes. However, since it is made with a combination of recycled glass mixed with cement or porcelain it is a more environmentally friendly choice than traditional granite.
  2. Recycled Paper or Wood – Similar to the above, this eco countertop choice combines recycled materials with cement. However, the finished product is completely different. Most of these products end up looking more like soapstone than granite.
  3. Reclaimed Wood – This is the “reuse” part of reduce, reuse recycle. These eco countertops are made from wood that has been repurposed from other projects. If you are considering wood countertops with your green builder in Maine, you should see if you can find reclaimed wood. Think of the trees you could be saving!
  4. Recycled Metal – A new twist on the above theme. Like glass, paper and wood, metal can also be recycled into new countertop materials. There are two options here – repurposed metal countertops from existing metal countertops or recycled metal combined with a resin compound to make new countertops.
  5. Laminate – Laminate is to countertops what linoleum is to flooring. Often the most inexpensive option, and until recently one of the least eco friendly. Fortunately, you can now find laminate that is made from recycled materials and water based adhesives.

Your green builder in Maine can discuss the above options in more details, including brands and pricing.