How We Build Our Custom Homes

Proven Home Building Formula. Guaranteed.

As a leading high performance energy efficient builder in Maine, our home building formula was derived from years of research and designed to meet the demanding needs for high performance, energy efficient, and comfortable homes without breaking the bank. Building a better home that performs well starts with our core belief in investing in your walls with better insulation, air sealing, and ventilation as a starting point. Adding high performance heating/cooling with electric heat pumps, solar panels, and other items are important but secondary.

Our homes are independently tested and verified (optional program) to meet the strict standards of the Energy Star home program and average at least 40% more efficient than local building codes require.

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We guarantee our custom homes, additions, and basement finishing will be the best investment you can make and will stand the test of time. The benefits of building better and incorporating high performance building practices into the home include - increased comfort, improved indoor air quality, cost savings from reduced energy consumption, water and waste reduction, lower operation and maintenance costs, and enhanced occupant productivity and health.

Our research as a leading builder in Southern Maine indicates that total financial benefits of building an energy efficient home or addition are over ten times the average initial investment required to design and construct a typical home or addition. So the question becomes, why build a home any other way?

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