High Performance Energy Star Custom Homes in Maine

Building High Performance = Building Smart

Durable, Healthy, Comfortable Homes Built to Last. And YES, You Save a Lot of Money in Energy Costs in the Process.

Our home building formula was derived from years of research and designed to meet the demanding goals for high-performance new home construction without breaking the bank. Our homes are independently tested and verified to meet the strict standards of the Energy Star Home program (optional program, not required of all BBA clients) and average at least 40% energy savings vs standard built homes.

The benefits of building a high performance home include cost savings from reduced energy (40%-50% savings and more), improved comfort, improved durability, lower water usage, lower operation and maintenance costs; and enhanced occupant productivity and health. Analysis of these areas indicates that total financial benefits of building high performance are over ten times the average initial investment required to design and construct a home like this.

A new home from Built By Adams now averages over $1,200.00 per year in energy savings and over 250 gallons of fuel saved per year. This is not only a significant savings to you and your family, but it decreases our need for fossil fuels and reduces our carbon emissions. To protect our planet, we need to make better decisions, not only in the homes we build, but in our everyday lives. Building a high performance home with Built By Adams is one of those decisions you can make to improve the quality of life for you and our

At Built By Adams, we give you options to build green with our turn-key custom home building process. Choose from one of our many pre-designed semi-custom home packages or have us design a custom home for you.

We want everyone to own a high performance home and give you the resources to make your dreams come true.