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Custom Homes by Built By Adams
Build Your Dream Home in York County or Cumberland County with a Company You Can Trust

At Built By Adams, we understand that a custom home is just that - CUSTOM. It is that understanding that has made us one of the leading custom home builders in Southern Maine for over 30 years. We work extensively with each of our clients to ensure that we are not building the home we want.... we are building the home you want at the budget you are comfortable with investing.  

We build custom stick built homes or precision crafted homes (modular). We give you the power of choice and we can discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both processes. Both types of homes we build are superior to traditional built homes and you cannot go wrong with either process. 

Building a new custom home in Maine is a big decision and we get that more than most builders. And one of the biggest causes of stress for most people who are considering building a new home (stick built or modular) is the cost or pricing. Learn more about our Pricing and Fees

While the price or cost is one of many factors that ultimately goes into building a new home, it should NOT be your number #1 factor when deciding who to choose as your home builder. We have seen many people get burned by chasing the lowest price for their new home only to be left with a half completed project and nowhere to turn for help. Do not let yourself fall victim to this. 

Pay Attention to the Builder Warranty and Home Performance

At Built By Adams we feel you really need to pay attention to the warranty and guarantee that is given from your builder and history of performance (testimonials, reviews, lots of successful projects under their belt (at least 20), etc). We have been building homes and remodeling since 1976.  And with hundreds of projects successfully completed ,we truly have seen it all. 

Maine is a not an easy place to build a home and you need to make sure you hire a builder who stands behind their work for longer than 1 year (We provide a 10 Year Structural Warranty + 3 Year Workmanship Warranty which is 3x's the standard warranty that 99% of builders offer in Maine offer - see Warranty page for comparison). 

Second should be what goes into the home as far as how the builder plans to deal with moisture (both outside and inside the home), air infiltration (for comfort and for energy savings), insulation, quality materials, structural performance, solar orientation, and so on. 

We review all of this in our detailed Free Project Consultation so we know exactly what is important to you in your new home and you know exactly what you are buying. 

Easy to Understand Home Building Pricing and Process

We build homes in York County and Cumberland County. On occasion, we may build outside of this area for special projects, but mostly this is where we build. With offices in Sanford, Maine and Scarborough, Maine we are well positioned to serve these areas. 

The home building process is hard enough and we do not want to make it any more complex than it is. We want to make it easy and that starts with providing our pricing up front and include our clients in the estimate process. We do not want to hide and play games with our estimates. We want our clients to see exactly what goes into your home from start to finish. You should have some control over the costs and be included in that process...after all, it is your money not ours. 

To learn more about our Pricing, please visit our Pricing Page

We offer 3 Home Building Options giving our clients the power of choice in how they want their new home built. 

Over the past five years, we have also integrated green building practices into our custom home building process. In fact, we made a commitment in 2005 to become the 1st custom home builder in Maine to make a 100% commitment to build all of our homes ENERGY STAR homes. On the outside, most homes look the same, but most don't perform as they should. Is your new home it safe to live in? Building an energy efficient home, doesn't have to cost more then a traditional home, but by building smarter you will gain a lot ($$$) in the short and long term.

We take pride in the fact that we want you to have more then just a house, we want you to have a home that you can be proud of.  A home that is built by the finest craftsmen, a home that is durable, built with quality materials, and helps reduce your energy needs. At Built By Adams, we wouldn't build a home any other way.

For more information on our visit how we build.

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