breton-whole-house-remodel-exterior-front2-afterWhat do you do if you love where you live, but your entire house needs some major TLC?

When moving is not an option, sometimes you still have to start from scratch.

There are some key areas of your home you can focus on to get the most out of your remodeling project. Let's take a look at one of our recent remodeling projects in the Southern Maine area where we totally transformed a small cape cod style house that was in serious disrepair.

5 Key Areas of a Full Home Makeover

1. The Exterior


Restoring the exterior of your home with new roofing, siding, and gutter systems is key to protecting your house for years to come. Don't be afraid to try a new color as well - as you can see we've gone for a more modern look, opting for a beige siding color with white trim to really make the house pop!

Choosing attractive, low maintenance fiber board siding from James Hardie is also a smart choice.

2. The Kitchen


New appliances, fixtures and cabinetry re-facing go a long way to restore a drab kitchen. Remember that the kitchen is both the most used part of the house, and is the most common gathering area of the home. Remodeling it with attractive, durable fixtures and appliances will make it a welcoming area for years to come.

Sometimes a new layout is in order to make the space more efficient, but often more simple changes will do, such as reducing the window size to allow for more storage space, as we've done here.

3. The Bathroom


Just like kitchens, installing new fixtures like new faucets, a new toilet, and updated lighting can go a long way to make your bathroom feel new. Tiling, mirror updates, moisture resistant paint and energy-efficient windows add the finishing touches.

4. Bedrooms


All we did to update the bedrooms in this home was do a nice paint job that matches the rest of the home - giving it a cohesive feel. If you have room, expanding your closet space by adding a walk-in or reach-in closet can give you a more functional and comfortable bedroom space.

5. Living-rooms


A nice pain job and floor re-finishing were all that was required to really transform this home's living room area. Toning things down with a relaxing, neutral color can make a big difference, especially when you have an intensely bright paint color as this living room had!

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